The Traeger Kid

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Published 1983, 1985, reprinted 2009
A novel about the adventures of some children who attend a school in Central Australia where Aboriginals are in a majority.
From an evaluation:
‘… a delight to read. The words, images, personalities and situations have that ring of truth which only the keen ear and eye captures. The handling of kin networks is excellent, as is attachment to country. These sub-themes of kin and country are interwoven throughout the dialogue and action, and emerge as the sustaining ideals of the Aboriginal life style. The sharing of food and other resources, the high mobility, the warmth and acceptance, the common interests emerge naturally from the text. One of the major themes is the discovery of language, and through that a discovery of one’s self. This is delightfully achieved through the actual journey of the child from her home in Alice Springs to Brisbane and back. The book should not be restricted to children. Adults should also enjoy the style and could learn much.’

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