Alawa-Kriol-English Dictionaries and Plant Book

There are two versions of the Alawa dictionary: the longer and the shorter. Both are about the same size. Both are triglot dictionaries: Alawa-Kriol-English, Kriol-Alawa-English, and English-Alawa-Kriol. The longer has smaller print and examples of usage of many words; it is geared to those with higher literacy skills.
The shorter has larger print and spaces between entries, and illustrations of actions, animals, birds, etc.. Sections are white and yellow paper so that it is easy to find each section. At the bottom of the pages in the dictionary sections is printed the alphabet for that language.
The Plant Book is an extension of what the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory compiled at an earlier date. It also is in three languages, and includes the scientific names of the plants.

These are available from in Adelaide.