A Family Divided

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The story:
Joycelyn Monkley, interested in family history, knows her ancestor was the son of a squatter who took up land in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. Frank Williams, growing up in that same area knows his white ancestor was the youngest son of the same squatter. The two meet first as children while playing in a park, then meet again at a scientific congress where both deliver papers. They correspond on academic matters, and meet again in England while Joycelyn visits descendants of the daughter of their squatter ancestor, and finds a letter confirming the history only known to the Aboriginal Williams family. Their friendship deepens, but can Joycelyn feel at home with his family at ‘The Place’, and would her family accept Frank, or Frank’s family be comfortable with her?

From readers of A Family Divided
… before getting too far into the book, the discerning reader begins to understand that there are many layers to this apparently light-hearted fictional account, which make it an important text in an historical sense, as well as just a good easy read.
Through clever writing, the author finds ways of saying what most of us avoid in these days of political correctness and protocol. In doing so, she manages to introduce sensitive matters into the discourse in a positive and progressive way, rather than in a manner that might be negative or offensive.
The book is essentially about reconciliation, education, and understanding, but the author does not attempt to conceal the difficulties involved when people with very different cultural backgrounds, and sensitive histories, attempt to move forward together.
… a lovely story, beautifully crafted, also an important book in its powerful message arguing for tolerance, and its insights into prejudice, or lack of awareness, if not indifference.
The book should appeal to a wide range of readers, from what are termed ‘young adults’ to people like myself (I loved it for the story and the characters as well as its powerful ‘undersong’).

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